Tuesday 20 April 2021
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How Can Our Toronto Slip & Fall Lawyers Help?

Toronto Slip and Fall Lawyers will explain to the injured victim that both the property owner as well as the injured person can be held to varying degrees of responsibility for an injury. The property owner has a responsibility to keep property safe. Each person has a duty to watch where they are going, as well as realize that there are things that fall or spill onto walking surfaces. Slip and fall cases are often challenging and difficult to prove. To prevail, a slip and fall attorney must establish not only the existence of a dangerous condition, but the property owner’s actual or constructive knowledge of that condition.

Slip and fall accidents are no laughing matter. Each year, hundreds of individuals in Toronto Ontario suffer serious injuries after slipping and falling on wet, icy, slick, and slippery surfaces. Many individuals are also injured after tripping and falling on sidewalks, stairs, roadways, and parking lots. The falls can take place almost anywhere – inside a store or business, a public stairwell, escalator, sidewalk, or even on the property of a friend or family member. Don’t wait and risk losing your legal rights to a fair and just compensation for your personal injury from the slip and fall accident. The other side is currently planning to show that somehow, anyhow, you are substantially at fault, in order to reduce your claims for damages. Contact your slip and fall lawyer immediately, let an attorney advise and inform you about your legal rights.

If you are on someone else’s property and you injure yourself as a result of a dangerous condition on the property, the land owner or business proprietor may be liable for your injuries. If you are a property owner and someone injures himself or herself on your land, you may find yourself legally responsible for any injuries sustained by the person’s fall. Slip and fall injury accidents are a type of « fall down » accident that occurs when the interface of the victim’s shoe and the floor fails. In a slip and fall injury lawsuit, both the property owner and the slip and fall victim can be held to varying degrees of responsibility or « comparative fault » based on the owner’s duty to keep the property safe and the victim’s duty to exercise ordinary care while walking on potentially slippery surfaces.

Few individuals understand the legal term « slip and fall injuries. » Many victims of slip and fall accidents not only do not comprehend the meaning of the legal term « slip and fall injuries, » but also do not even realize they can file slip and fall lawsuits against the parties that were negligent. Anyone can have a slip and fall accident, therefore a complete understanding of what this legal term means and implies does need to be understood.  If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury in an accident, you are probably overwhelmed with disruptions to your life and adjustments that have to be made.   On top of physical pain and the challenges of rehabilitation and treatment, the financial strain of medical bills and the inability to work are likely to adversely affect you and your family. Contact us for a free consultation, during which we can discuss your case and you can decide if we are the right firm to represent you. We work for all our personal injury clients on a contingency fee basis.

Kahler Personal injury Law Firm helping citizens to resolve their cases with honesty and integrity. Whether it is an negligence case or an accident injury, our accident Toronto slip and fall lawyers  can help you call 1.866.739.7702.

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