Saturday 19 September 2020
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Place the Bets on the Best Roulette Strategy

The best roulette strategy depends on how you play the game. There are various systems that “hope” to beat the game of roulette. There is the Martingale system, Grand Martingale, Anti-Martingale, Labouchere system, and D’Alemberte system among others. However, these systems simply “attempt” to beat the game. It is better to have a clearer understanding of the types of bets that you can place to help you understand the game so you will know the probability of winning. Do not just keep betting and end up beating your own pocket.

Types of Bets

These types of betting are applicable not only to online casinos but to land-based or real and physical casinos as well. There are two options for betting: Inside bets and Outside Bets. Here is a quick rundown on what you need to know about the two.

Inside Bets – have bigger payouts but lesser odds of winning. The most common are:

• Straight –up: betting on a single number.

• Split: betting on two adjacent numbers, may be horizontal or vertical.

• Street: betting on three numbers placed on a single horizontal line.

• Corner: betting on four numbers placed in a square layout.

• Six line: betting on two adjacent streets.

Outside Bets – have smaller payouts but better odds of winning. The most common are:

• “1 to 18”: means betting on one of the first eighteen numbers.

• “19 to 36”: means betting on the last eighteen numbers.

• Red or black: means betting on the wheel color that the ball will land on.

• Even or odd: betting on an even or odd number.

• Dozen bets: means betting by the dozen. It could either be on the first 12 (1-12), second 12 (13-24), or third 12 (25-36).

The same play to payout ratio is applicable to these bets except for the extremely outside bets like the red/black, odd/even, and low/high numbers. These may tend to be more complicated for players who are only beginning to learn the game, but could be highly beneficial if mastered.

Remember that the roulette strategy that you are going to choose depends on your style – whatever technique you choose, always keep in mind that it will be a grind – but still, you will be active and getting comp points throughout the whole process. Having a strategy in playing roulette can help you win more and if you want to learn more, just do a thorough online research.

Casinos, be it online or land-based, would always have the advantage of winning over a player. It is the concept of roulette and best roulette strategy that is unlikely to change. Roulette is a challenge that players want to overcome. Know more about the best roulette strategy, visit

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