Monday 18 January 2021
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Reversing Camera

Do you know how much easier your driving will be with a reversing camera? Reversing is a nightmare for anybody sometimes. No matter how many mirrors at your disposal you can’t get a good grasp on the space afforded to you when reversing, it’s a game of Russian roulette that you stand to lose every time. Risk wedging your car in and you risk reversing into another automobile or something like a low bollard. Sometimes you have no idea what’s behind you, and that’s where a reversing camera comes in. A reversing camera is a small camera fitted either on your back bumper or at the back window of your car; it gives you a good idea of what is behind you, and how close. A reversing camera kit works in different ways depending on the sophistication of your reversing camera. Early models were mounted on the back window of the car, and a small wire connecting it to a monitor on the dashboard would display the image. More modern and expensive designs of reversing camera can be fitted on both the back window and the rear bumper, and the images projected can be transmitted wirelessly to the monitor. In addition to this multiple cameras can be added for a better view, and overall camera clarity has improved over early models.


Reversing camera kits are available from a number of retailers. Generally electronics stores have them in stock along with other items relevant to monitoring your reversing such as object detection sensors to give you an audio cue the closer you get to something. If possible ask someone in the electronics store if they could recommend both a model of reversing camera and object detection sensors, having both these on your car could drastically reduce any and possibly all incidents that may happen when reversing. After all, the problem with reversing entirely comes down to lack of perspective on space and a lack of visual indication on the room left to reverse in. A reversing camera is ideal if you suffer from reversing trouble that makes you fearful of accidental driving mishaps. has a veritable plethora of first rate reversing camera equipment which is of a superlative calibre. Caravan satellite systems are constantly updated and reviewed in order to move with the times.

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