Monday 17 January 2022
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Some Distinct Winning Strategies Of A Flourishing Call Centre

We all wish to venture in the different winning strategies followed by victorious call centre. Undoubtedly the driving factor of every business is its people but there is a lot more that helps in making a business successful. In order to explore the secrets behind a successful call centre, read through the discussion below:-

High customer engagement maintaining low cost: Customer has always been perceived as king for every business. It stands dominant for call centre as well. Flourishing call centres have always ensured high customer engagement by following different strategies. The engagement programs ensure that the customers stick to the brand. However the customer engagement programs involve plenty of cost and thus it is a challenge for businesses to grab customer attention without losing on cost.
Customer centric view: Call center services are not just about solutions but it is also about providing right service at the right time. It has never been about just service maintaining low cost but maintaining an optimum level is a must. Every customer interaction with the agent helps in building notion about the company. Every aspect of the whole interaction plays an essential role in assessing the performance of the call centre. The questing techniques help in enhancing and improving the answers. Queuing theory is another important aspect to understand, there are many companies who find queuing theory not efficient as there are plenty of agents who sit idle due to absence of calls. Thus flourishing business process outsourcing consider the most knowledgeable lot of people to understand the business needs and alternatively decide on queuing theory.
Extension of quality measures: The strategy of monitoring calls around live conversation has been followed till date however not just live conversations are needed to be monitored but a flourishing business follows the habit of monitoring even non interaction calls. The calls coming down to the IVR helps in gazing the customer’s experience by checking the speech, menu logic and others. The web self service, efficiency of FAQ and other applications online are checked. Subsequently the performance of the search engines is also checked. Different and distinct monitoring techniques are used to not just confirm the handling experience of calls but the IVR menu and navigation is also checked. Navigation tools are capable enough to even check the information around the customer’s experience.
First Call resolution: One of the major reasons of dissatisfaction amongst customers is repetitive calling to the call centres. It is indisputably tiring to call in and wait in queue for long to let an agent answer your call. To enhance and improve on customer loyalty, it is essential to offer first call resolution. There are businesses which do not put attention on first call resolution matrices as they assume it to be not an essential metric. Whereas there are companies who follow the habit of asking the customer at the end of the call, whether their expectations have been fulfilled or not. It helps them in gazing where do they stand on customer’s opinion.

The author of this article is an experienced BPOprofessional with a wealth of experience in call center outsource.

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