Saturday 31 October 2020
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Membership Cards- a status symbol in modern times!

The members are provided with a membership card which helps in the identification of the members whenever they visit that place. And these membership cards are made of plastic. They are easy and handy to carry. At the same time these smart plastic cards can be easily preserved. They are provided or embedded with electronic chips which store the information and the unique code embedded in these electronic chips helps in the identification of the members. If the information embedded in the card is matched, only then the member is allowed inside or else they are denied entry by the respective establishment authority.

Some of the establishments use more than just basic membership cards. These are usually smart plastic cards with electronic chips of higher memory capacity. More information can be stored in these electronic chips which makes it even more useful. Also many a times the membership card is provided with a magnetic strip with a signature panel for the owner of the membership card. The membership card is given a unique look by embedding a logo of the organization and also a small brief about the concerned organization. There are different members within the same organization. For example in gyms, people pay according to the facilities they want to subscribe for. The more paying members are categorized as the Privileged members and they are issued with special membership cards which may be termed as Platinum card. The lesser paying members may be issued Gold, Silver or Titanium cards and each card have a unique look with different colours to have a clear distinction between themselves.

Before the invention of Mifare cards, all the information of the members in establishments had to be kept manually. But with the invention of Mifare cards, things have become easier. Now when the member uses his membership card, the number of times the member have used, how much time it is valid etc are being read by the computer as well as the records can be checked anytime. So, it has become very easy to keep a clear track of huge number of members with very little effort. And also it is helpful for the security purposes.

Overall, the cards are very attractive and good looking and it adds to the sophisticated lifestyle of the members using it. It comes in various colours including golden, silver and other metallic colours. The members are proud beholders of these good looking membership cards. These are usually manufactured by companies according to the orders or needs of the brand they are working for.


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