Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Get enthralled with fun after reading Las Vegas Destination Guide

The city of Las Vegas may seem rowdy and up for all adults, no place to take kids on holiday, but revise your knowledge about this enticing city set in Nevada. This exhilarating city is an ideal holiday destination to spend a family vacation enjoying some of the most nerve cracking rides exhilarating attractions and breathtaking natural beauty that lends a perfect click to travellers from around the world. Children on vacation in Las Vegas will be impressed by the re-created New York and Paris skylines, seen from atop ‘The Strip’, and reveling in the adventurous notion of exploring the canals of Venice or the Egyptian pyramids.  


After reading the Las Vegas Destination Guide, visit the Adventuredome which is a glass-encased theme park and an ideal attraction for thrill-seeking kids on holiday in Las Vegas. It has loop roller-coaster and other gut-wrenching rides which are surely not be missed by young adults. If you find yourself breaking a sweat from some of the more extreme rides, take a moment to cool off on the Rim Runner. If this adrenalin rush is a bit too excessive, there are also shows by the likes of magicians and jugglers on offer, as well as plenty of decadent treats like ice-cream, popcorn, candy etc. Other options  for entertainment and activity includes playing at a miniature golf course, some of the laser tag, an arcade as well as clown shows, bumper cars and a number of midway booths.

Buffalo Bill’s:

The Buffalo Bill’s amusement park is an excellent holiday attraction for children, offering everything from earth-plunging rides that defy gravity or end with a huge splash, to log rides on a fantasy lake. Children along with their family take flights, forcing their parents to visit this sin capital which has every possible thing to indulge for good on earth. Go through the Las Vegas Destination Guide to get acquitted with this enticing city. Kids also love the experience of the Frog Hopper, bouncing around the park on the back of Buffalo Bill’s life-like amphibian.  

Doolittle Pool:

When the summer hits the city, all you want is lazing by the gushing waters. If the city’s summer heat gets too much for the kids head to the Doolittle Pool complex. This place hosts a great swimming pool and pool toys for kids to enjoy. Other features of this attraction include a water slide and playground, as well as sports fields and a picnic area.  

Blue Man Theater:

One of the most entertaining attraction for children and their family in this reverberating an neon lit city is a show by the Blue Man Theater Group. The Three ‘mute’ performers, painted blue and wearing bald caps, keep kids on the edge of their seats with a combination of humorous theatrics, music and comedy. One will surely be benefited of the Las Vegas Tourism Guide to venture this place.    

Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure:

Las Vegas Destination Guide will give kids an exciting experience of flying through the Grand Canyon in a helicopter and landing at the Grand Canyon West Ranch. Once at the ranch, children get enthralled by horse-drawn wagon rides and the cowboys putting on a show. The western-style meal served at the Ranch House also goes down a treat brings a big wide smile on your young ones.

Er-Sachin bani(a regular content writter of crystal travel) 

Las Vegas Destination Guide Las Vegas Tourism Guide

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